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About This Blog

They say that human beings are creatures of habits and routines. Naturally resistant and sensitive to any modification in our environment. However, we live in a world where changes seem to be the only constant and our success is most of the time strongly associated with how we adapt.


Through this blog I try to deepen the psychological aspect of change, about how we live it and, above all, to exchange about the tools that help us use it for our own learning and evolution.

About me

Hi! I’m Olga Garrido Orozco, Graduated Psychologist and Life & Executive Coach. For more than fifteen years my professional career has been linked to the field of personal and professional development, accompanying individuals to turn their vital goals into lasting successes, while they are learning and enjoying the process.

Since I graduated, my fascination and vocation for human behavior and its development has only increased, so I have not stopped training myself in areas such as coaching, mindfulness, NLP or finance. I consider my training and multidisciplinary experience as a key factor to accompany people in their own transformation.

In recent years I have held different positions of responsibility at human resources area in the multinational corporate environment. I have been working with people and teams of the most diverse profiles, with different circumstances and motivations. My greatest satisfaction is to feel the energy in people when they have successfully overcome a challenge that, a priori, seemed impossible, when they have become someone with more self-confidence and more resilience. In summary, someone who has developed the tools to be the pilot of their own life.


I´m Spanish by origin, in 2013 I decided to expatriate and for more than three years I was living in Paris, France. In 2016 I started the exciting adventure of motherhood and just after, I changed country again. Today, my two children, my husband and I, are sharing the challenge of expatriation living in a Bavarian village in Germany.

My own life is full of changes: I have been living in 4 different countries, I have had job changes, I have formed a family and I have developed an entrepreneurship. Through these valuable experiences I have lived my own personal transformation. I understand change as a constant, which motivates me to learn and evolve.

I like to define myself as a collector of experiences and an optimism preacher. The words we use and our language, both internal and external, largely determine our attitude and, therefore, our path. Since they are made of words, written expression in general and books in particular are, for me, one of the most valuable vehicles for transmitting values and learnings. Language connects us with each other.Reading and writing are activities that have become indispensable in my life, generating many satisfactions to me. I invite you to get together in my blog. From now on, thank you very much for reading.

Fields of interest: #Emotional Intelligence #Expatriation #Maternity #Children books #Finance #Personal & Professional development #Change management #Travel #Family trips

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